Love for Education

Dad taught us that STEAM education helps you gain the skills needed to succeed in today’s challenging world. The STEAM program focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Our mission is to help make this program a priority.

Inspiring Youth

The great outdoors was something that Dad really enjoyed. He was always encouraging his children to go outside and adventure, exercise, plant some trees, or just lie under the cooling shade of a tree. If he had all the time in the world, he would want all kids to explore outdoors and learn new things along the way.

Supporting Community

Dad graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Michigan in Chemical Engineering in 1997 and never left Ann Arbor. He loved the city and the people. He volunteered to feed the homeless at St. Andrew's, planted trees on Earth Day, and volunteered at the local libraries for fun activities with families.

Get To Know Dad

Dad was a constant giver. Born in Vietnam to Chinese-Cambodian parents, he and his family struggled to find a better life during the Vietnam War. He eventually found his way over to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and worked hard to turn his whole life around.


Why Donate?

Give Back

All proceeds will go back to the community.

Support STEAM

Well-rounded, quality education enables learners to make informed decisions that will impact the world and the way they live.

Save The Earth

The ecosystem is essential to our health, quality of life, and survival!

Feel Good

Giving promotes happiness and helping others makes you feel good.


Words of Kindness

Thank you for all the messages we've received from friends and the community. We are humbled and touched by your kind words, support and generosity. These words of comfort and encouragement warm our hearts and will light our way as we continue our mission work.